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ASSW was established in 2011 in the west region of Afghanistan to bring surgeons together and link them with other associations for sharing and learning the medical knowledge and skills of each other.

We live in an era that science and medicine are improving rapidly and even a small negligence can cause one being left behind from humanitarian development and the updates of Science and medicine.

In our country, Afghanistan and particularly in the west region we are striving to reach our holy goals of unity and advancement of our medical and surgical society. For this purpose we have established the Surgeon’s Society in order to take a step further towards establishment of the medical union of the medics and its personnel. 

The current fact of our country and particularly western region of Afghanistan is that most of our surgeons have been able to further build their capacity and bring the new methods of surgery into the country from the neighboring countries as well as other countries through different approaches, such as fellowships, short trainings, academic conferences/seminars, researches, etc…. 

Still have to confess that in majority of our operational fields we have no word to say, and still majority of our fellow citizens are traveling abroad for some surgical methods/operations. Hope this blessed step play a positive rule in further up-to-dating of surgical profession in our country as well as in the region. 

This association has been established by the capable hands of some of the descendant of the country and we are herewith appreciating some of them. 

We thank Dr. Aziz Ahmad Jami who is the designer of this idea, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Ersad and Dr. Shamsulhaq Salim who have strived in preparation of the statute and all others who have endeavored sincerely in establishment of the association. 

A special thank to Professor Dr. Dr. Ernst Hanisch Head of the department of Surgery in Asklepios Klinik Langen, Frankfurt, Germany who provided us his advices, expertise, knowledge and continuous support during the process. 

List of Board of Directors of the association in different period of times;

First Term

  • Dr. Aziz Ahmad Jami – Director
  • Dr. Asadullah Mumtaz – Scientific Assistant
  •  Dr. Sayed Farooq Hussaini – Communication and publishing Officer
  •  Dr. Faiz Ahmad Qazizada – Finance/Logistics Officer
  • Dr. Shamsulhaq Salim – Ad/HR Officer

Second Term

  • Dr. Abdul Aziz Olumee – Director
  • Dr. Mohammad Naser Habib – Scientific Assistant
  • Dr. Ahmad Siyar Rahimi – Communication and Publishing Officer
  • Dr. Azizulrahman Jami – Finance/Logistics Officer
  • Dr. Homaira Halif – Ad/HR Officer


We wish our surgeons great ambition and the association long living and wish to witness great changes in the field of surgery through the initiatives of the members of the association.

May God accept all the efforts have been paid to establish and to run the association and protect those who have strived during the process (either their names have been mentioned in this document or not).